Design & Fabrication

We have over 20 years of spatial design and project planning experience. From architectural scale to furniture, we provide a wide range of design services. To ensure thorough and unique results, we use a highly personalised research-based design approach. In addition to design we also offer project specific material development and fabrication.

Lectures & Workshops

We are working on a series of team-building workshops that offer something mental, something physical, and something fun. The workshop's goal is to get us out of our comfort zones and to take matters into our own hands.

Consulting & Advisory

With a foundation in academia and a methodology based on research, we are highly driven to provide consultations on the possibilities of ecological design, production, and building materials.


Circular Building Materials

The lab is the evolution of our studio from simply a design practice to a ecological material research and design practice. In the lab we work with the materials and test mixtures, formwork, and different machinery for an optimal and precise outcome.

Through the direct testing and fabrication we investigate new concepts, methods, and processes for designing and developing building materials, as well as the potential of the leftover materials as an "urban mine" for contemporary construction.