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"Mustamäe Grey" Clay Paint Powder

35 € – 100 €

Produced in collaboration with UKU Pure Earth, the paint is part of the outcome of our research project into sustainable construction practices. Initiated in 2022, the project aimed to effectively utilize excavation waste from construction sites in Tallinn, Estonia. Our focus was particularly on the waste from Sõpruse pst, seeking to transform what would otherwise be discarded into valuable building materials.

The paint comes in a dry powder form, available in 900 gram and 10 kilogram bags. It has a natural matt finish and is designed to be mixed and applied easily. The paint’s composition is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a safe choice for indoor use.

In developing the paint, we have adhered to the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility. The use of recycled materials not only reduces waste but also lessens the demand for new, raw resources. This approach aligns with contemporary efforts towards creating more sustainable building practices and promotes a circular economy within the construction industry.



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Additional Information

Form: Dry powder

Finish: Matt

Suitable Surfaces: Walls and Ceilings (Interior)

Surface Condition: Requires dry, absorbent, and clean base

Minimum application temperature: Above 5°C

Mixing instructions: Gradually add water to powder, mix to lump-free paste

Water requirements: 1.3-1.6 litres for 900g bag; 14-18 litres for 10kg bag

Application: Brush or roller, two coats for optimal coverage

Coverage Per Bag: 900g bag covers approx. 5-10m²; 10kg bag covers 50-100m²

Safety: Avoid dust inhalation and eye contact

Storage Life: Dry mix: 2-3 years in dry conditions; Mixed paint: 6 months in cool place